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Welcome to the regularly updated Course List which is kept up to date at all times and will contain most of the winter fixed dates we are running. Lift truck is an exception as we run these all year and please call if you want to book  and we will give you the dates available to your requirements on a first come first served basis.  Thanks, Rob

Training News 2020
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CORONAVIRUS - please see our latest email newsletter for our approach to the risks of Coronavirus, or ask me on enquiring/booking a course.

BIG news regarding Lorry Driver CPC - Call me or email for the ins and outs of this, but in a nutshell there have been Government consultations and  if you don't drive full time (harvest drivers are still a question as it can be full time but not all year) and drive as part of your agricultural business but not as a full time driver, then you should soon be exempt from having at accrue driver cpc points.

This is a great benefit for the farming community and its about time something positive has been done! There are some caveats in the exemptions which I have attached as our news link so you can see in more details, but please just ask rather than assuming anything and I can run though any particular work scenarios you have with you to make sure you make the right decision.

If you are a full time lorry driver eg a contractor or spend all your time driving , even if its for agriculture, then you will probably still need lorry driver cpc. There are exemptions for part time drivers less than a certain % of your monthly time spent driving.  


Call as usual for machinery/lift truck dates on farm.

Open course dates:


20th PA4 Granules/Slugs or SC for potato planters – Marsham

21st Manual Handling/Working at Height for CPC – Dereham

22nd Welding MIG/ARC/TIG to your requirements

29th Welding – MIG/ARC/TIG/Other to your requirements - FULL

29th Abrasive Wheels for UKRS cert


1-2nd PA2 Boom Sprayer for NPTC test – Walsingham

1-5th Chainsaw CS30 and 31 Maint. and Felling to NPTC

1-4th Chainsaw CS32 Felling larger Trees to NPTC

2nd Agronomy Update – Watton with Ian Wilks – 6 places

3-5th First Aid at Work 3 Day Course for Ofqual - Hellesdon

5th Abrasive Wheels for UKRS

9th Transport of Live Animals for LANTRA – Longham

10th Grass Weed Management – Watton – 4 places

10th Emergency First Aid at Work – Longham

11th PA6 Hand Held Sprayers for NPTC test - Longham

12th Crop Nutrition – Watton – Ed Downing/Ian Wilks – 5 places

12th Welding – MIG/ARC/TIG to your requirements

15-16th PA2 Boom Sprayer for NPTC test – Walsingham

15th Rodent control for same day LANTRA cert – Longham

17th Food Hygiene L1 or 2 UKRS cert – Longham

18th PA4 Granules/Slugs or SC for potato planters Fakenham

22-23rd Chainsaw Crosscut for Lantra or NPTC - places

24-25th Chainsaw Crosscut for Lantra or NPTC – places

25th Potato Day with Dr Mark Stalham – Watton – 6 places

26th Chainsaw Refresher

26th Chainsaw from a Cherry Picker for LANTRA

26th Welding – MIG/ARC/TIG to your requirements

If you need on farm courses, very popular at this time of year, don't forget to contact us for details if you need any of the following:

Emergency First Aid at Work
PA1 Foundation Module for NPTC test  
PA6 Handheld Sprayer for NPTC test 
Phostoxin for Rabbit and Mole Control - NPTC
360 Excavator for UKRS cert
PA2 Boom Sprayer for NPTC test
ATV or UTV for UKRS certification
Brushcutter for UKRS certification
Chainsaw of any types quals or refreshers
Welding ARC/MIG to your requirements
Lift truck, Loaders, cranes, MEWPS etc.  machines of all types - novice, experienced, refresher, conversion

Other Winter dates:

ADR Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road - SQA Qualification - 3.5 Day Initial course - w/c 15 March 2021 -  Longham

Dangerous Goods Awareness in Agriculture -Longham 18 March pm

BASIS - Watton -  2021/22 will now be the next full BASIS course - start mid November, 17 days plus exams, every Weds and Thursday until end Jan, then exams early Feb  - with John Purslow and Sarah Pettitt  

FACTS  Watton - 5 days, change of dates starting Feb 22, March 1,2,19,29 then exam March 31st with  Dr Jim Lewis - 30 BASIS Pts - book asap for this one

FACTS Update Day for online test -  23 Feb 2021 Watton. These days are now very popular to retain FQA status to prepare for annual online test

BASIS Soil and Water module - next course will now ne 21/22 season, register early for details and provisional place as this may be very popular next season after the sensitivities tis season have held us all back!

Foundation BASIS  - change of dates to Feb 23 then March 2,9,23 April 6,20 and exam 27 April  At Fransham with Phil Strachan

Blueprint for the 100 t/ha potato crop Day - with Dr Mark Stalham - Watton - Feb 25th 2021 - 8 BASIS pts, 1 NRoSO pt

Spray Operator CPD Course - with Trevor Johnson - Walsingham - 8,9, or 19 Feb-  for NRoSO pts

Agronomy Update - Something a little different this year - Ian Wilks  - The latest in Agronomy Trends and hints and tips for the new season  - Watton - change of dates 23 Feb and 4 March -  12 BASIS pts, 3 NRoSO pts

Arable Grass Weed Management - the Way Ahead for the Future - led by Stephen Moss and supported by Richard Hull of Rothamsted  - Broom Hall Hotel Watton - change of date to 9 March 2021 - 10 BASIS pts, 6 NRoSO pts

Crop Nutrition - How to Get the Best into and out of your Crops -  Double Bill - Edward Downing from Frontier Ag. and Ian Wilks - Broom Hall - change of date to 26 February 2021 - est 10 BASIS pts, 1 NRoSO pt